Sample Projects

Below is a list of sample projects that we've implemented in DocWarehouse®. We think it's pretty amazing to see how the product can be implemented in so many different ways, but see for yourself. When you are ready to see what DocWarehouse® can do for you, give us a call or shoot us an email.

U.S. House of Representatives, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Summary: This implementation of DocWarehouse® was installed on-site at the U.S. Capital building for the House of Representatives, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). Includes a migration from EMC's Documentum, backfile scanning, indexing and OCR, paper document archiving, and day forward scanning and import of highly classified intelligence documents.

State of Utah - Public Utilities Commission, Office of Consumer Services, and Department of General Services

Summary: The State of Utah’s Public Service Commission, Office of Consumer Services and Division of Public Utilities share a single DocWarehouse™ license to facilitate the capture of paper and electronic documents and implement associated workflows with various document types that often span all three organizations.

Orange County California's District Attorney's Office

Summary: This implementation for the OCDA uses DocWarehouse® for web based document management integrated with the existing Case management system used by the District Attorney’s office through the DocWarehouse® API.

State of California - Public Utilities Commission

Summary: This implementation of DocWarehouse® processed about 5 million documents per year. Each document was requested by individuals through their telecom carrier who then submitted the request to DocWarehouse®. Documents were then printed in one of 7 languages in standard or large print or in braille. Documents were mailed, received, completed and returned and then processed by DocWarehouse® to include scanning, barcode recognition, optical mark sense recognition, PDFs created, business rules processed, letters generated, emails sent, outbound phone calls made, and document reviewers are able to process documents in record times.

City of Lawrence, Kansas

Summary: This implementation of DocWarehouse® for the City of Lawrence Kansas is hosted on-premise and is used by many departments throughout the city for scanning paper documents, conducting image to PDF conversion and full text OCR.

U.S. Senate

Summary: This implementation of DocWarehouse® was installed on-site at the U.S. Senate for a committee that we are not permitted to disclose for security reasons. The implementation takes advantage of the robust workflow and business rules features of DocWarehouse® to implement complex document creation and processing requirements this particular committee has. Naturally, all documents are classified and secured as with other implementations in our nation's capital.